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Kashif Ansari
IQI Holdings

In the time that we’ve known each other, I’ve seen Keegan grow and evolve above and beyond into a true professional. His meticulous and detailed nature has raised the bar in the real estate industry for honesty, integrity and service. I wish him the best in this continuous journey and foresee him making a name for himself in this industry.

Daniel Ho
Managing Director
IQI Holdings

In today’s world everybody wants success. However as a matter of fact, only a select few have what it takes to walk the whole 9 yards. It is a lifetime task of overcoming challenges as well as trials and a journey toward self discovery that ultimately unlocks one’s full potential. I know Keegan to be amongst the most driven and determined individuals who I coach. He possesses a purposeful tenacity in conquering and rising above the challenges that he encounters. With resolute grit, I know he will complete the whole 9 yards with flying colours. A true bred IQI warrior!

Anthony Lim
Project Director
IQI Holdings

Professional, sincere, driven and forward thinking; these are just a few words that describe Keegan. His spirit, drive and hard-working attitude have made him the man he is today.  Success does not come easily and he has proven that with the right mindset and determination, anything is possible. He is extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented and tenacious. His knowledge of real estate transactions is remarkable, and he stays vigilant, making sure to keep himself up-to-date on the current market trends. I hope that his success will bring him greater opportunities.

Shan Saeed
Chief Economist
IQI Global

Keegan has got deep insight about the real estate market. He would gather market intelligence report for his sophisticated clients in order to keep them ahead of the game. He would share balance view point about the macro economy to provide a better picture. His engagement strategy , listening to his clients needs and above all providing professional solution for their investment gives Keegan a strong competitive advantage.

Dato' Calvin Khiu
十大杰出青年 年度最具感染力演说家

Keegan 是一位很努力很用心的年轻领导人,他总是把他懂的,无私的跟他的团队他的朋友分享。我认识他以来我一直都知道他是位很懂感恩的人,他懂得感恩他的公司,他的团队,及他的老师。所以在我心中一位懂得感恩的人有良好价值观的人永远都是最卓越的人。

Dato’ Anthony Cheng
Nirvana United / DAC Geomancy

Keegan is of the real estate consultant that i known that is very passionate, dedicated, responsive, personable, aggressive and none stop improving himself. I will surely recommend him to my fellow friends if they are looking for properties.

Dato KK Chua
Managing Director
Armani Media Sdn Bhd

I write this testimonial for Keegan as he is pleasant, responsive, pleasant and reliable. He goest the extra mile and pays attention to details that matter which i was very impressed with. I would strongly recommend Keegan services to anybody without hesitation

Han Boon
IQI Concept Sdn Bhd

As someone passionate about real estate, Keegan is what I will describe as a real estate strategist that is knowledgeable and pleasurable to collaborate in managing and develop anyone’s real estate portfolio. He is a great communicator with the ability to provide creative solutions and always proactively engage his clients to earn status as a trusted advisor.

Jeff Yong
Executive Director
Kimma Sdn Bhd

Keegan is pleasant, polite, responsive and reliable. He is professional and with good knowledge of property market. He executed his responsibilities in a timely manner, and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who seeks his excellent services.

KY Lim
Founder & CEO
KYY Empire Sdn Bhd

Keegan 总能在很短的时间内根据客户的要求找出适合他们的优秀房源,他的回答非常详细且及时。如果未来本人的朋友有地产交易方面的需要,我会毫不犹豫地推荐 Keegan。

Lawrence Choong
Founder & CEO
The VBLOC Sdn Bhd

Keegan Soh is a very hardworking property consultant as he always try to help to close the deal in either sell or buy. I firmly believe that he has a great potential and personality in this job

Allan Tan
Managing Director
Midana Capital

Keegan is one the best guy to talk to when we have inquiry regarding properties. He is spontaneous, easy-going and super friendly !! Just ring him and he will be there

Elvin Wong
Sync Management & Edu Sdn Bhd

Keegan is of a very hard worker, good character, knowing what he is doing, with a good sense of humor. I would not hesitate to recommend Keegan to anyone who would like to purchase or selling a property.He comes highly recommended by me.

Eric Wong
Sync Management & Edu Sdn Bhd

I have been extremely impressed by the professionalism shown by Keegan. In particular, I would like to compliment him for his outstanding ability and market knowledge

Zac Lim
Executive Director
A Studio

Keegan, we cannot thank you enough for all the time invested in helping us purchase our new home. From the first time we phoned to the time we got the keys, you were prompt, friendly and communicative. Whether it was taking the time to answer our questions or trudge across the property in search of property pins, there was never any wavering in your optimistic attitude that things would be OK, and for that assurance we are very grateful!

Teh Gaik Cheong
G LIFE Group Sdn Bhd
Founder & CEO

Keegan 是一位非常另类及出众的领导,他是一位非常谦卑的成功人士. 他是值得信赖及专业的房产领袖,我给予他100%的信任.

Danson Tang
Loaf U Asia

Keegan is a very friendly and nice person. It’s very comfortable to talk to him . In addition with his professional in property industry, it makes me feel confident and never worry for his advice in buying property .

Michael Tan
OTS Group

Keegan a talented, experienced and dedicated professional who has a passion for the property industry for more than 4 years. He is a leader with solid analytical and organisational skills, always able to meet with clients and establish a professional level of trust, as well as have the skills to identify and propose effective property solutions for all needs.

Alex Tan
Senior Business Director

Keegan is marvelous, he focuses on continuing education, learning current market trends, house staging, and everything else involved with real estate.

Dato' Victor Ng
Managing Director
Best Link Logistic Sdn Bhd

I would unhesitatingly to recommend Keegan to anyone who wishing to seek for professional property service. Excellent service and great knowledge towards property market. Very nice experience with this professional team.

Yoga Lim
Producer & Announcer

Keegan is a cultured and sophisticated man, he’s sociable and always generous in sharing his knowledge especially in the property industry.

Anna Hepburn
Anna•Heph Talent & Modeling Agency

Love Keegan’s professionalism and reliability in term of property insights. He’s communicative, always tailor to people’s needs and is keen to developing himself. I will strongly recommend Keegan to the ones who need services in purchasing or looking for a property.

Edison. M
Co-Founder/ Chief Operation Officer
Property King Group of Media

“How you do anything, is how you do everything! ” Nowadays every industry is having some challenges, but to me is not about the industry or the economy, is about how are you going to make it happen. When you know what to do, you have to doing it right and everything will come accordingly. Keegan make it right and doing it perfectly good!

Jacky Yong
Say ID

Keegan is a very professional real estate consultant, he always being attentive and responded to communication quickly. I would recommend Keegan and would use his service in the future.

John Lim
Executive Director
Halsycon Resources Sdn Bhd

Keegan has a lot of passion in his career, as long as in his profession, he is willing to share all of his knowledge & professional view to you without any hold back. I would definitely recommend any friends who looking for property to this young man who has a lot of love in what he is doing.

Jessie Wang
Head of Sales (REA Group Asia)

Keegan is unique blend of ability and an engaging person who successfully delivery high energy ,fun ,interacts and engage effectively with all levels of people . His displayed understanding and patience with his team member and client .

Covy Fon
Connect Group

I am highly satisfied with the advice and services from Keegan. It’s not easy leaving your valuable assets in someone else’s hands, but without hesitation, I immediately felt comfortable and assured with his approach and technological efficiency. Everything he promised was delivered above my expectations.

Jassmine Kho
Public Figure

I have known Keegan for some time and found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful in providing market information and insight. He is an aggressive property consultant who will work diligently for his clients best interests.

Michael Chooi
Sales Manager
CIMB Berhad

Keegan is definitely an above average, outstanding leader who always ready to give more than 100% and have great ability to outline the pros and the cons of each course of action in doing business as well as guiding his team members effectively. He is highly respected by many of his team members for his willingness in sharing his knowledge and selling skills. Over the years with him, he proven to be the one can be relied upon to accomplish the best possible outcome. I am always impress by his passion to become successful.

James Liew
James Liew & Kong
Managing Partner

Keegan always give more than what we expected from him. He always gives more than what we asked for. His professionalism, passion and enthusiasm in real estate industry as well as his leadership skills are over and beyond anyone I know of. I have seen his up and down, but his determination to success is inspiring and inspired many. As Winston Churchill said “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Tony Yap
Property Investment Coach
Bricksmen Group

Keegan’s professional real estate service is always fast and efficient. His passion in delivering the best to the clients redefine a whole new level of competency in real estate industry.

Sammiie Koh
GTA Managemet Sdn Bhd

Keegan 是一个专业又热情的产业顾问,他会耐心的对顾客做出详细的分析与解释,让顾客买的安心,住的开心. 买房一定要找Keegan

Karen Choong
Sales & Marketing Manager
The Page Publishing Sdn Bhd

Keegan 给我的感觉是一位有正面思想, 有上进心和有积极态度的年轻人。虽然他年轻, 不代表他不专业。最重要的是他很谦虚又好学。很记得他经常都会用他的人生座右铭: “能够杰出, 何必平凡”来鼓励自己, 不断的突破他之前的成绩。能够有这样思维的 property consultant 我会推荐给我身边的人。

Chloe Low
Maxilady Sdn Bhd

Keegan 的性格非常随和也很友善,在房地产届中的专业分析与知识总是可以帮顾客分析出适合他们的房地产。沟通方面完全没问题而且服务值得信赖,衷心推荐给大家。

Bubble Lim
Bubble Beauty Shop

Keegan 对房地产方面拥有非常专业的知识,也是一位值得信任与推荐的专业房地产中介 他能依据你的需求 推荐你最合适的房产 无论是投资或是自住 他总是会以专业意见 客观分析 来满足客户需求,非常推荐给大家。

Dr Sky Shum
Director & COO
Olicell Group (M) Sdn Bhd

In my knowledge, Keegan is by far the most professional in property field. His responsive towards any questions are wisely answered every time. No matter if you are looking for short or long term investment, you are always welcome to ask Keegan for advice.

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